Summit Introduction

China’s economy exhibited a resilient recovery and favorable structural growth in 2023. Despite facing challenges such as extreme high temperatures, the country’s coal industry ensured a reliable supply at steady prices, playing a pivotal role in supporting economic and social development. This laid a stable foundation for progress across the entire spectrum, from the upstream to the downstream.

In 2024, which marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and a crucial year for achieving the goals set in the “14th Five-Year Plan,” China remains steadfast in its commitment to the principles of “seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through progress, and establishing the new before abolishing the old”, aiming to further propel high-quality economic development. Anticipated easing of market demand contradictions and the enhanced release of consumption momentum compared to 2023 are expected to contribute to sustained economic stability and growth this year.

Amid deepening globalization, the international import coal market is undergoing unprecedented transformations. Our upcoming summit seeks to delve into these changes and foster exchanges and cooperation in the coal sector among nations. Through this event, we aim to gather global wisdom, collectively explore the market’s future development, and contribute to the optimization and sustainable development of the global energy structure.

In this context, Sxcoal cordially invites you to participate in the 2024 China Coal Import International Summit, scheduled to take place on March 7-8, 2024, in Xiamen, southeastern China’s Fujian province.

We look forward to meeting you at the Summit.

Organizer: Sxcoal (Fenwei Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd.)

Date: March 7 (Thursday) – Registration; March 8 (Friday) – Forum

Venue: Tefang Portman Seven Stars Bay Hotel & Resort, Xiamen, Fujian

Summit Topics

  • 2024 Macroeconomy outlook
  • China’s coal market in the new energy landscape
  • China’s coal import market supply and demand analysis for 2024
  • Russian coal industry status quo and development trend
  • Indonesian coal Industry status quo and development trend
  • Mongolian coal industry status quo and development trend
  • Australian coal industry status quo and development trend
  • Bulk commodity shipping market analysis and outlook
  • Application of financial derivatives in coal import
  • Coal import/export trade & sampling and analysis

Summit Registration

Delegates USD INR
1st USD 800/person INR 66,325/person
2nd USD 750/person INR 62,180/person
3rd USD 700/person INR 58,030/person
*18% GST Applicable in INR
Note: The fee covers registration, documentation, translation and meals during the summit. Kindly note that accommodation and round-trip transportation costs are not included.
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Summit Sponsorship

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Summit Sponsorship

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