About Us

SteelMint Events is a part of SteelMint group. Since its inception in 2014, SteelMint Events is the pioneer in organizing conferences encapsulating the Iron and Steel and allied sectors, both in India and at a global level.

Organized 24 Successful Conferences in Last 9 Years
Hosted 7000+ Participants from 60+ Countries
Facilitated 400+ Business Networking Hours

Our conferences are multi-faceted and cover a wide spectrum of subjects from raw materials, semi-finished and finished steel to the cutting edge technological advancements in steelmaking. It provides an excellent networking platform for people across the globe to come together and share their knowledge, discuss innovative ideas, deliberate upon the policy changes, and showcase their products and services in the iron and steel industry.

Our participants are from quite diverse backgrounds and include – industry thought leaders, buyers, sellers, traders, indenters (30%), steel manufacturers (30-40 %), OEM’s, technology & equipment suppliers, researchers, analysts/consultants etc (30%)