International Chromium Development Association | Chromium 2024
5-7 November 2024 | Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to South Africa for Chromium 2024!

This is the heart of the chrome industry and the place where it all began for the ICDA before it was established in Paris in 1984.

South Africa remains an attractive market with exceptional opportunities in the mining and metals sector due to the strong need for strategic and critical materials globally.

The conference programme will focus on South Africa, which is home to the world’s largest chromite resources. It will also cover global markets, including China, and chrome end-uses.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend presentations delivered by prominent experts, local authorities, and renowned industry analysts. The Q&A sessions will provide an ideal opportunity to get your questions answered.

We have prepared an outstanding programme for networking and evening functions as we conclude the 40th anniversary of the ICDA and celebrate together the start of a new successful decade for the ICDA

Programme key features:

– Will South Africa achieve its full potential over the next decade?

– How will South Africa address systemic challenges?

– What is the current state of the South African chrome ore and ferrochrome industry, and what can we expect?

– To what extent is China key to the development of South Africa’s chrome sector?

– What will be the drivers for chromium demand? Which end-uses would stimulate demand?

– What is the current state of the global market, and what is the performance and outlook for other chrome-producing countries?

– How is sustainability affecting markets and where do we stand globally?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, then Chromium 2024 is the perfect event to attend in priority!

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