China’s Scrap Import Policy – How will it change the market dynamics?

The global steel and scrap industry is awaiting the announcement from the Chinese govt. regarding reforms on resumption on scrap imports. Sources expect announcements to be made shortly and may be implemented from Jan’ 2021. This move is likely to boost Chinese scrap import volumes which have fallen drastically from CY’17. The global steel market awaits its announcement and its impact on global scrap, iron ore, and steel prices

Key points of discussion:-

  • What is this policy?
  • When is it expected to get implemented?
  • How will this change the trade flows- supplies and prices?
  • Will there be a shortage of scrap in the global market?
  • Potential markets for scrap supply to China
  • Will it impact the global billet market?
  • China’s heavy dependence on iron ore imports to come down?


  • Mr. Tao Jiangshan, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Metalscrap Utilization (CAMU) – DRI working committee, China
  • Mr. Abhijeet Mahanta, Head Ferrous – European Metal Recycling (India, Bangladesh)
  • Mr. Henry Liu, Head of Iron Ore Analytics, Mysteel, China
  • Mr. Arshdeep Singh, Director, Vital Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Ms. Nishtha Mukerjee, GM – Iron ore & Scrap, SteelMint, India


21st December, Monday at 12:30 PM (IST); 3:00 PM (Singapore time); 11 AM (Dubai Time)

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