The steel and metal industry stands at the crossroads of transformation, where innovation and sustainability are the driving forces of change. Global steel demand from India in H1 FY 24 fell by around 15%, driven by competitive offers from China and increased domestic allocation. We are also witnessing significant volatility as sharper focus on inflation control and continuing fallouts of the Israel-Hamas war pose challenges to global growth. In India, however, the steel and metal sector is expected to fare well, driven by the government’s push to infrastructure development and housing along with a robust automobile sector. Thus, demand in India is expected to remain strong, while globally, moderation is likely.

Indeed, India is expected to be the poster boy of the global steel and metal sector and should witness a strengthening of fundamentals, driven by strong domestic demand, healthy resource availability, and only a mild contraction in prices.

SteelMint will set the context, followed by a panel discussion with industry experts and a Q&A session.

What Lies Ahead?

Against this backdrop, SteelMint is organising a webinar on the steel and metal sector where its experts will present their views on:

  • Impact of a volatile global macro-economic environment and inflationary headwinds.
  • Outlook on global/domestic demand and supply aspects in the steel and metal sector.
  • Trends in steel and raw material prices, and operating margins of steel makers.
  • Roadmap for domestic steelmakers going green.
  • Credit outlook for steel makers.

Tentative Sessions Outline

  • Why did India’s Iron Ore and Pellets Exports Surge in H1FY24. What to Expect in Near Term?
  • Indian Steel Exports: Poised for a Rebound?
  • Navigating the India’s Ferro Molybdenum Landscape: Market Trends, Trade Dynamics, and Future Prospects
  • Karnataka Iron Ore Industry: Tracing the Changing Matrix
  • Upcoming Copper Demand in India and Supply Constraints
  • Factors to drive global steel market in near term
  • Rising steel demand to boost India’s manganese ore and alloys consumption – Outlook 2030
  • Analyzing the Thermal Coal Landscape in India: Projections and Challenges in Meeting Demand and Supply by 2030
  • Why bulk scrap vessels are getting prominence in India
  • What is Green steel for India?
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Minutes of Knowledge Sharing
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Industry Verticals

Tentative Sessions Outline

Iron Ore



Ferro Alloys



Scrap & Recycling