CBAM Summit 2024 | Update: Event postponed
Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism |
Venue – Radisson Blu, Delhi Airport

CBAM Summit 2024 Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

About CBAM Summit 2024

CBAM Summit 2024 will be a focused platform for policymakers, industry leaders and experts to discuss the potential impact of CBAM on Indian industry, steps for a smooth implementation, the challenges associated and effective strategies to overcome them. A handpicked panel of speakers will provide deep insights into strategies for carbon footprint management, process and technology upgrades wherever required to meet objectives, compliance with reporting requirements whilst working towards maintaining market shares and business profitability. The summit could facilitate the sharing of best practices and case studies on how organizations have successfully managed their carbon footprints, implemented sustainable strategies, and navigated the complexities of international trade under evolving carbon regulations.

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