How Are Steel Markets Aligned For 2020?

The Global events have continued to affect Price dynamics of Steel Industry in 2019. There prevails turbulence and uncertainty as we face the big question of how will the market pan out in 2020?

Amidst Trade Wars caused by US Protectionism and High imports tariff has compelled China to seek new markets, increasing its Steel Exports. This coupled with China’s oversupply has naturally bothered other major markets and they wary about China Flooding the Steel Markets in 2020?

Iran also is coerced by US sanctions to sell its Billet Cargos at discounted prices altering the dynamics of Billet Markets.

In the other part of the world, Emerging Markets of South and South East Asia (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan & Vietnam) have increased their sea-borne scrap imports manifolds in the last few years. This has created new and encouraging opportunities for suppliers across the globe. This potentially might put Asia as the new benchmark for sea-borne scrap.

Iron-ore prices are on a 5 year high after the tragic Vale dam collapse in Brazil facilitating many buyers to take the steel scrap route of Steel-making.

China’s emissions standards tightening further in 2017 led to hundreds of smaller mills to shut under stricter enforcement. This invited a sudden traction in EAF route of steel-making that in-turn catapulted the Graphite Electrode prices, GE being the essential raw material involved in there which has no other substitute. Just as the prices seem to be normalizing now, China increased its GE production further that instills some fear in GE producers if this act could further pull down the prices of Graphite Electrode and upset the global markets, yet again.

There’s a lot that will be discussed and deliberated upon by the Global Buyers, Suppliers, Steel Mills, GE Producers & Analysts who are gearing up to attend the 4th Steel Scrap, Billet and DRI Trade Summit alongside the 2nd Global Graphite Electrode Conference by SteelMint Events. The conference is scheduled to be organized during 27-29th Aug 2019 at Hotel Avani Riverside, Bangkok

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