ICDA Members’ Meeting 2023
Date: 16 – 17 May, Place: Germany

The Members’ Meeting is a must-attend for the ICDA global community as it provides a number of unrivalled benefits.

What next for the world and the international economy? In the current unpredictable times, it is almost impossible to plan for the coming months, businesses and decision-makers must make their way in an extremely complex and challenging environment.

Whilst none of us can predict the future, the program of the event will allow you to understand the trends which are shaping our current and future world. The knowledge shared by our diversified panel of expert speakers will help you navigating the very uncertain times.

As always, we are preparing a qualitative program covering all topical issues and with some of the most knowledgeable speakers that you will only hear at ICDA’s conferences.

We look forward to gathering the ICDA members soon for another insightful conference for the chromium industry.

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