Indian Pellet DRI Summit 2014

[heading title=”Indian Pellet & DRI Summit” subtitle=”27th June 2014″ fontclass=”fa-newspaper-o” delay=”200″]
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 To discuss the Survival Strategy for 100, 200, 300 tpd Sponge iron plants in India
 Substantial Growth in Pellet capacity and its benefits to Steel manufacturers
 Possible Price difference between Lumps, Fines & Pellets
 Technical Challenges being faced by Smelters using Pellet Sponge & its solutions
 Prospective Domestic Buyers & Viability of Exports
 Policy issues like Coal Linkage, Logistical issues & Iron ore pricing
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 Current Pellet capacity in Indian is more than the requirement
 Pellet feed to Blast Furnace may increase slightly but not enough to absorb increased capacity
 Steel Industry strongly urged the government to abolish export duty on Iron ore Pellet considering it’s a value added product.
 13 Iron ore Mines may open before 15 July – UC Jena, DDM, Government of Odisha
 Sponge iron manufacturers will increase pellet consumption
 NMDC has the capacity to produce 35 MnT in FY15 provided Essar pipe line remains operational
 NMDC produced 7.3 MnT Iron Ore in Q1 FY15 (Till June 26,2014)
 Difference in Iron ore Fines & Lumps prices will narrow down in coming years
 Coal India will provide Coal of 100 mm size in its future quality norms steps. CIL will also try to simplify the GCV calculation to international norms
 Steel manufacturer still interested to set up new pellet plants of smaller capacity in coming years
 Merchant Beneficiation is a need of the hour that can supply to smaller Pellet makers
 Indian steel manufacturers should look for new technologies of Iron making like use of Nuggets
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