Coronavirus Pandemic: How JSPL is Handling its Plant and Production

V R Sharma

CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC: Take a look at how JSPL is managing its people, plant and business in the backdrop of the global health disaster

Mr V.R. Sharma, managing director of JSPL allays fears over the Corona virus outbreak and spells out the best ways to manage manpower so that the blast furnace keeps functioning and the networks of buyers well-supplied.

In the last several years Indian steel makers have been tapping the export markets aggressively to have a balanced portfolio of sales to domestic and overseas markets and according to Mr Sharma, this tactic is playing out to an advantage at this point.




Points of Discussion:

  • What is the state of the blast furnace?
  • Are exports taking place?
  • At what price are pellets, billets and pig iron being sold?
  • How strong is the inquiry from China?
  • How are banks receiving LCs and how is the allied paperwork being done for exports?
  • What is your outlook for demand?

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-Interview by Ruchira Singh