India Steel Conference 2022

The last couple of years were extremely eventful for the steel industry and its end-users, mainly due to Covid. Lockdowns led to stalling of production globally but subsequently created huge export opportunities for Indian mills to the European Union. China’s export tax also offered scope for tapping markets vacated by it.

Before the pandemic impact could wear off, the Russia-Ukraine war erupted, changing global trade flows. The sanctions on Russia led to steel and related raw material supply disruptions to the EU, fuelling a steel price rally. India was no exception. However, the high prices singed the user segment, leading to a fall in domestic demand but panic buying from EU end-users provided a safety valve to Indian mills.

The sudden steel and iron ore export duty imposition in May set back the market. Prices started declining but still end-users are not buying, unsure when these will bottom out. Considering the geo-political risks, prices are expected to remain volatile for some time while demand is dull. But how will Indian end-users hedge their risks in a volatile market Other than the traditional markets of construction and auto etc, what are the emerging sectors that will expand steel demand in India?

Indian Steel Exports 2
HRC Rebar Price Trend

Steel Users Federation of India (SUFI) and SteelMint will seek answers to these questions and a lot more in a jointly hosted conference, “The Indian Steel Conference 2022

Key Focus Areas

Changing dynamics of the Indian steel industry

  • Overview of Indian steel market
  • The Indian steel growth story
  • India’s emergence in the global market

Price outlook

  • Factors driving steel prices in India and globally – Cost push or higher demand?
  • Impact of change in export duty structure on steel prices
  • Impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict on steel prices
  • How long will the steel super-cycle sustain?

How to hedge the price risk?

  • How does the futures market work?
  • How to hedge your risks?
  • Contracts available to hedge your risks

Demand drivers in medium to long term

  • Infrastructure & Construction industry outlook
  • Auto sector growth trends in India with focus on EVs
  • Governments emphasis on renewable energy
Our Speakers
Chief Strategy Officer - APL Apollo Tubes
Managing Director, JSPL
Country Head, SGX India Liaison office
Chief Technology Officer and Co Founder, InSolare Energy Pvt. Ltd
Executive Director, Electra EV
SUFI Steel Awards 2021