ICDA Chromium 2020 flyer files to download via WeTransfer

ICDA is pleased to announce that the Chromium 2020 conference will be maintained and held online and you will have the opportunity to attend themed sessions covering a wide range of topics which are decisive for businesses.


  • What to Expect for the Coming Months and 2021?
  • How is China’s Economy Recovering After the First Wave of COVID-19?
  • Is Europe the Weak Link in Between China and Usa, Struggling to Maintain its Economy Amidst Lockdown?

The world at the time of Covid-19 and after

  • In addition to a world sanitary crisis, geopolitical tensions are rising and developed countries’ economies are stagnating waiting for signs of recovery, when will the recovery happen?
  • Covid-19 has shown how other regional economies are highly dependent on China, will the after crisis leads to a new economic world order with countries repatriating industries?
  • Who are China key partners for economic cooperation and trade, will China remain a strong driving force after Covid-19?

Climate emergency remains

  • How the chromium industry is adapting its processes to protect the climate and meet with regulatory standards?
  • What role can chromium have in the sustainable transition?

Regional and sectoral industry analysis

  • South Africa overview for chromium and ferrochromium amidst social and energy matters
  • China ferrochromium and stainless steel industry, will growth of the previous year come back?
  • Is the sector in a state of overcapacity?
  • India, overview of the industry following the auctions, what are the changes?
  • Global supply demand balance for chrome ore and ferrochromium
  • Stainless steel, special steels, what are the updated forecasts for consumption ?

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