Coronavirus Pandemic: How Indian Induction Furnace-Based Steel and Iron Producers are Dealing With the Global Health Disaster

Small and medium-sized enterprises form a sizable chunk of India’s total steel production of 110 million tonnes. So when these companies numbering in thousands across the country face the brunt of the Coronavirus pandemic, clouds of concern gets cast over India’s economic growth.

One such producer, Mr. Ramesh Agrawal, President – Chhattisgarh Sponge Iron Manufacturers Association & Chairman of GR Group of Industries, speaks about the state of the industry and spells out what it would take for it to get back on its feet.




Points of Discussion:

  •  Impact of lockdown on SME sector
  •  Scope of a quick bounce back
  •  Inventory levels
  •  Possibility of exports
  •  Electricity and other costs

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-Interview by Ruchira Singh