Global Steel Summit
Date: 23-24 Nov 2023 | Venue: Grand Hyatt, Dubai

About the Conference

GLOBAL STEEL SUMMIT is the World’s first Steel Trading Summit conducted on a Global Level with the support of Organizers and supporters from different parts of the world, especially the major steel-producing, Consuming, and exporting countries. This year – 2023, we conduct the inaugural event. In coming years, our yearly event is expected to become the biggest networking and learning Summit for people involved in steel manufacturing, selling & buying steel.

The Summit brings together the Steel Industry’s Raw Material (Iron Ore/Scrap/Coal) Suppliers, Steel Mills, Reputed Steel Traders, Steel Trade Financiers & major Buyers from across the world to network and discuss major market trends. The attendees are from major steel producing & consuming regions, such as China, India, Turkiye, Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia, Africa & Latin America.

The Summit gives speaking opportunities only to the Experts and professionals in the summit’s topics, unlike the so-called “Speaking Opportunity against Sponsorship”. This helps attendees interact with the experts, and understand how the world’s steel market works from different perspectives – from the perspective of the Steel Mills, Steel Traders, Steel Associations, Raw Material Suppliers, Big Consumers, Scrap Dealers, Steel Consulting & Pricing Analysts. Below are our expected numbers for this year’s inaugural event.

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