Innovation in EAF: Pushing the boundary of charge mix and productivity

Join us and Mr. Paolo Stagnoli, Head of Proposal Engineering, Tenova, for a live webinar on Friday, 29 May at 03:00 PM (IST), 5:30 PM (Singapore time), 1:30 PM (Dubai Time) to learn how Tenova’s innovation in EAF are pushing the boundaries of charge mix and productivity.

Looking at mega‐trends and long‐term: world has committed to cut emissions of GHG within 30 years from now. Being Ironmaking industry a significant source, this implies that the long‐term sustainability of integral cycle steelmakers is at risk. Cost fluctuations and global policies pose evident threats to the sustainability of the business.

Attend this webinar to find out the most effective solutions to work with increasing percentages of Hot Metal, while retaining the capability to go back to 100% solid charge.

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Key points of discussion:

  • CONSTEEL as a scrap-melting technology for the future, combining energetic efficiency, control of the emissions, possibility to use many different raw materials
  • CONSTEEL/FMF as a transitional tool for integrated ironmaking plants towards reduction of CO2 footprint
  • Continuous improvement of EAF automation for supporting operation and maintenance