How South Asian Steel Industries are Coping with the Lockdown Challenge and the Way Forward

Steelmakers in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India faced many challenges over the last 2 months due to COVID-19 lockdown, including having to suspend operations, difficulty in transporting raw materials, managing inventories and lack of demand in market etc. Consequently, the imported scrap trades to South Asia also took a hit, with suppliers too facing challenges in logistics, scrap availability and buyer demand. Let us get insights from the largest steelmakers and scrap importers in these markets on how they coped up with these challenges and their plans ahead, along with the perspective of global suppliers.

Date & Time:

June 4, Thursday at 12:30 PM (IST), 3:00 PM (Singapore time), 11:00 AM (Dubai time)


  • Mr Aameir Alihussain, Managing Director, BSRM, Bangladesh
  • Mr Vaidyanathan R.S,  Director- Commercial, Indicaa Group Ltd, UAE
  • Mr Bharatendu Gupta, Associate Vice President, Jindal Stainless Ltd, India
  • Mr Fahad Javaid, Director, Mughal Iron & Steel Industries Ltd, Pakistan
  • Mr Arshdeep Singh, Director, Vital Solutions Pvt Ltd, Singapore

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Key Points of Discussion:

  • How did the pandemic impact the Steel Industry
  • Current Steel demand in the market post Lockdown
  • Ongoing production levels after resumption and plans to scale up
  • Scrap bookings (via bulk & containers) in the recent months, and plans for the coming months
  • Impact of temporary UAE export ban on buying trends
  • Near term outlook on scrap demand and price trends
  • Industry outlook (Steel Capacity ramp-ups etc)