Process of sustainable and efficient production of iron ore pellets

Join us and Dr Jan Paul Lampke, Head of Sales & Projects, Haver Engineering Gmbh, for a live webinar on Monday, 15th June at 03:00 PM (IST), 5:30 PM (Singapore time), 1:30 PM (Dubai Time), as he explains how SCARABAEUS® pelletizing discs can be used for sustainable and efficient production of iron ore pellets and the unit’s design which minimizes circulation, increases productivity and profitability.

The undiminished demand of iron ore leads to mining of even lower-valued deposits. The reduced quality of the natural resources stands in opposition to the economic, ecological and technological restrictions, which require an intensive mineral processing of the iron ore. To improve the process and product properties of the fine-grained iron ore concentrates, it is necessary to agglomerate these concentrates.

The presentation will give an overview of the system components, functionalities and capabilities of the SCARABAEUS® system and the results of production with SCARABAEUS® will be compared with results from common pelletizing.

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Key points of discussion:

  • How SCARABAEUS® can improve product quality
  • How the process increases product output
  • How it can create enormous CO2 emission savings, thus minimizing the mine’s impact on the environment