Date: 28 April, Place: Kolkata, India

SECONDARY STEEL CONCLAVE Date: 28 April, Place: Kolkata, India


India had produced about 120 Million Tonnes of Steel in F/Y2022, in which contribution of Secondary Sector is about 38%. This Sector has lot of advantages, particularly in Indian conditions and hence has to grow at a rapid pace in future.

This steel sector has enormous potential but it needs support in terms of technology advancement, cost reduction &penetration of new technologies in the Sector. The Seminar will provide a suitable platform for discussions and presentations on relevant topics.


❖ Energy Efficiency Policies for industries
❖ Energy Efficiency in industry and Data
❖ Techno-commercial aspects of using Iron ore and Pellets in Sponge Iron making
❖ Techno-commercial aspects of using imported and domestic coal in Sponge Iron making
❖ Best Operating Practices in coal based Sponge iron making & cost reduction opportunities
❖ Future of Hydrogen based DRI in Indian conditions
❖ Latest technological developments in Induction Furnaces for steel making
❖ Techno-commercial aspects in Induction Furnaces for overall cost reduction
❖ Minimizing electrical power consumption in Induction Furnaces for steel making
❖ Role of Ramming Mass for maximum life and cost implications
❖ Optimizing Reheating Furnace operation for overall cost reduction
❖ Techno-commercial aspects of Direct Rolling
❖ Setting up of Mini integrated steel plants suitable in Indian conditions
❖ Worldwide Best practices in the secondary steel sector

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