Timeline: How are Odisha Iron Ore Mines Auction Lined Up in 2020?

The Odisha government has called to start afresh the process of mineral block auctions on 06 Dec’19 and it is expected to restore sanity in the system of online bidding. Moreover, the revised tender rules are set to promote equal competition for all iron ore and manganese blocks on offer as opposed to frenetic bidding for a single coveted block.

The state government has also inserted some additional conditions in the tenders for the expiring merchant mine leases. A successful bidder, after obtaining all statutory clearances, needs to produce in the first two years at least 80% of what the mine actually produced in the preceding two years.

Here is the timeline for Odisha mine auctions –

Timeline of Odisha Mines Auction - 2020

Breakdown of 20 mining blocks notified for auctions

A. Iron ore mines reserved for captive use
Mine Present lessee Area
(in ha)
(in MnT)
Mine capacity
(in MnT/annum)
Thakurani Kaypee Enterprises 228.04 180 5.5
Gonua P K Ahluwalia 86.88 119.2 0.36
Narayanposi AMTC 349.25 190.6 – Iron Ore, 0.05- Manganese 6
Jaribahal Patnaik Minerals 106.53 8.15 0.9
Tanto, Roida-II K N Ram & Company 74.86 29.38 2.2


B. Blocks set aside for merchant miners
Mine Present lessee Area
(in ha)
(in MnT)
Nuagaon KJS Ahluwalia 767.28 792.93
Siljora-Kalimati ML Rungta 715.63 4.02- Mn, 0.72- Iron
Jiling Essel Mining 456.1 79.12
Jurudi Kalinga Mining 73.22 4.79
Mahulsukha AMTC 399.83 32.81- Iron, 0.77- Mn
Gorumahisani GS Mishra 349.5 18.4
Badampahar Lal Traders 129.61 6.16
Jajang Rungta Mines 666.15 58.5
Katasahi Rungta Mines 196.86 0.66 (Mn)
KanthorKoira Rungta Mines 73.65 0.06 (Mn)
Nadidihi BICCO 73.85 27.04
Nadidihi Feegrade 121.4 23.69- Iron, 0.05- Mn
Teherai BICCO 137.46 11.52- Iron, 0.07- Mn
Kolomong Rungta Mines 218.53 1.39- Iron, 3.73- Mn
Balda Serajuddin 335.59 210.17
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