Conference Objective

CoalMint is geared up to organise it’s 3rd Edition of India Coal Outlook Conference, scheduled to be held between 24th to 26th August 2023 at JW Marriott Hotel in Kolkata, India. The event will run in conjunction with The 6th Indian Iron Ore & Pellet Summit & 5th Indian DRI & Steel Conference.

The world’s largest developing economies and coal consumers, India and China, are seeking a G20 pledge to commit on ‘multiple energy pathways’ in reducing carbon emissions rather than total coal phase out. So, is coal on the retreat in India or, for that matter, China? Seems unlikely. Government authorities in India have time and again reiterated that coal would continue to play an important role until at least 2040 as an affordable energy source for which demand is yet to peak in the country. Current forecasts are that coal imports may rise by around 5% in 2023 even as domestic production touches historic highs. This summit seeks to delve deep into the case for and against coal against the backdrop of India’s broader energy security goals.

Key Focus Areas