Bangladesh Coal Imports Hit All-Time High in Oct’19 – CoalMint

Bangladesh Coal Imports Hit All-Time High in Oct'19 – CoalMint

Domestic coal supplies in Bangladesh has been under scrutiny ever since government’s decision to halt coal sales to the local industries was imposed back in Mar’18, which have paved way for subsequent higher coal imports.

Incidentally, Coal Shipments taken by the country have recorded a mammoth total during Oct’19, thereby helping the country to overtake the total imports registered in CY18.

Data compiled by CoalMint research indicates that Bangladesh coal imports had attained its highest-ever total since the period from which vessel line-up information for the country was started.

Coal Intake in Oct’19 was recorded at 1,061,867 MT rising 148% on the month from 428,585 MT in Sep’19.

Bangladesh had made a slow start post monsoon, wherein after recording nil imports during May-Jul’19 only 10,000 MT coal was bought in the month of Aug’19. However, the exponential monthly rise in Sep’19 was subsequently followed by relatively superior imports in Oct’19, thereby helping the country to overtake the coal volume acquired in CY18 with two months to spare.

In the first 10 months of CY19 (Jan-Oct’19), Bangladesh coal imports have reached 4,084,475 MT which was 28% higher than 3,220,882 MT noted in the whole period of CY18.

There has been no sign of immediate resumption of coal supplies asserted by the latest updates provided by Barapukuria Coal Mining Company. Notably, whole 659.75 MT coal produced under its belt was solely delivered to the coal based station operated by Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) as on 13 Nov’19, thus continuing the trend being followed after the ban was imposed.

Major Coal Suppliers:

The record import volume in Oct’19 was majorly catered from Indonesia, which remained Bangladesh’s preferred source for coal demand. Supplies from Indonesia rose 46% M-o-M to 624,690 MT in Oct’19, which was also marked 6% higher on the year from 590,450 MT in Oct’18.

Coal receipt from South Africa also recorded its highest-ever monthly total in Oct’19, noted at 375,216 MT. Apparently, coal shipment from the country was seen after a gap of 6 months.

Besides, first coal shipment from Mozambique in CY19 was also reported in October, which had supplied the remaining coal volume during the month.

Country Oct’19 Sep’19 % Change
Indonesia 624,690 428,585 46%
South Africa 375,216
Mozambique 61,961
Grand Total 1,061,867 428,585 148%

Source: CoalMint Research
Quantity in MT

Although, major portion of the coal imports are utilized by country’s brick manufacturers, coal demand in Bangladesh is expected to be supported by a series of coal-fired power stations slated to come online in the coming years.